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The founding population has some deep branches in different parts of Europe, one of which is represented by a specimen from Belgium.

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This branch seems to have been displaced in most parts of Europe 33,000 years ago, but around 19,000 years ago, a population related to it re-expanded across Europe, Reich explained.

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Hoelz laid out an ambitious plan for mapping the structure of the NPC: Rather than trying to image the entire assembly at once, he and his group would determine the crystal structures of each of its 34 protein subunits and then piece them together like a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. "A lot of people told us we were really crazy, that it would never work, and that it could not be done," Hoelz says



the team published two papers in Science that detailed the structures of key pieces of the NPC's inner and outer rings, which are the two primary components of the NPC's symmetric core. The donut-shaped core is embedded in the nuclear envelope, a double membrane that surrounds the nucleus



By being able to piece these crystal structures into a reconstruction of the intact human NPC obtained through a technique called electron cryotomography—in which entire isolated nuclei are instantaneously frozen, with all of their structures and molecules locked into place



With these structures known, the mapping of the rest of the NPC's symmetric core came quickly. "It is just like when solving a puzzle," he says. "By placing the first piece confidently, we knew that we would eventually be able to place all of them


  • We now had a clear picture of what the key jigsaw pieces of the NPC looked like and how they fit together," says Daniel Lin, a graduate student in Hoelz's lab and one of two first authors on the study.

    Kyor Kyor
  • a facility developed with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation that includes an automated X-ray beam line at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory that can be controlled remotely from Caltech—and the GM/CA beam line at the Advanced Photon Source at the Argonne National Laboratory.

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  • The team then used the completed interaction map as a guide for identifying the inner ring's key proteins and employed X-ray crystallography to determine the size.

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To do this, the team had to first generate a complete "biochemical interaction map" of the entire symmetric core. Akin to a blueprint, this map describes the interconnections and interactions of all of the proteins, as part of a larger cellular machine. The process involved genetically modifying bacteria to produce purified samples of each of the 19 different protein subunits of the NPC's symmetric core and then combining the fragments two at a time inside a test tube to see which adhered to each other

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